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Gunthorpe Plumbing & Heating
installs plumbing and mechanical piping

At Gunthorpe, we install plumbing and heating, including steam, chilled water, medical piping in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We are actively installing plumbing and mechanical piping and equipment and provide both labor and materials on a per job basis. We produce both in the shop and on the jobsite fabricated piping products for commercial and residential projects. Gunthorpe maintains an inventory of products used in the everyday process of the plumbing and pipefitting industry.

Gunthorpe Plumbing & Heating installs a variety of residential, commercial and industrial systems. We install plumbing, both PVC and no-hub cast iron systems, heating systems, forced air, steam and hot water, chilled water cooling systems and steam tunnel work. Our hospital services include medical gases and purified water systems.

Gunthorpe maintains very special relationships with owners and general contractors in the mid-Michigan area and continually strives to improve customer satisfaction and personal relationships. We maintain that Quality, Safety and Customer Service are our number one priorities. We maintain that we are one of only a couple of contractors that excels in hospital medical gas piping and specialized projects. We also excel in high pressure steam piping and steam tunnels such as those at Michigan State University.

Mission Statement: Gunthorpe Plumbing & Heating is committed to serving the Mid-Michigan area with quality installations, which meet and exceed your expectations.